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Surprise actions

Read on to learn about surprises in Wambi and how they work!

Surprise actions

Once you have unlocked your surprise, you can: 

  • Select the color or size for the item you would like (if this is an option that appears)
  • Claim the prize OR enter the raffle (depending on what type of item you unlock)
  • Gift the prize or raffle to a friend
  • Choose something else
  • Save for later

Wambi surprise claim screen

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Claim the prize / enter raffle

To claim the prize or enter the raffle, click the purple button that says either Claim or Enter Raffle. You may be prompted to first select a specific option first (color, size, date, etc) from a dropdown before the button turns purple.

A prompt will appear that asks Are you sure? If you would like to claim the item or enter the raffle, click Yes.

If your organization requires additional information for you in order to fulfill the item, you will see a prompt to enter additional details for shipping or how best for your organization to contact you about the item. 

That's it! You will receive additional information via email about what to expect for your item.

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Gift the item to someone else

To gift the item to someone else, click the Gift to someone else button.

Gif of gifting a surprise in Wambi

On the screen that appears, search for the person you would like to send the item to. Click on the person's name.

The Send to [person's name] screen will appear. You can Add a note... for the recipient to see when they open the item on their Wambi page!

When you are ready to send, click Send gift. A toast message will appear that says Surprise sent! Your recipient will be notified and you will see a  Sent tag on the item in your My Surprises list!

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Choose something else

To choose another item (if there are other items available), click on Choose something else. You will be brought to a page where you can scroll through all of the items currently available to you. After you have made your selection, claim the prize or enter the raffle!

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Save for later

To save the item for later, click Save for later. This will close out My Surprises and return you to the page you were on. To return to your surprise list, view your surprises!

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