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Welcome home! This article will provide an overview of your newsfeed and different groups in Wambi.

Newsfeed groups

On the left panel of your home page, you will see your organization, your location, celebrations in your groups, and any groups you are in or have starred. To view the group profile or content specific to one of your groups, simply click on the group to open the group profile.

Wambi newsfeed view and filter options

To view your groups on mobile, tap on the  search button. Your groups (both starred and groups you are in) will appear under the "Suggested" people at the bottom of your screen.

Wambi newsfeed filters and views on mobile

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Newsfeed filters

Your newsfeed shows all of the Wambis and posts shared across your organization, and each group profile shows the newsfeed with all content shared in that group. To filter any newsfeed to see specific content, click the filters at the top of your newsfeed (posts, patient voice, or celebrations).


Want a tour of your newsfeed? Check out the newsfeed overviews for team members, direct managers / supervisors, leaders / group owners, and contractors!

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