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Read on to learn about surprises in Wambi and how they work!


Each organization offers different surprises that can change over time; make sure to complete challenges in order to fill up your progress bar!

View your surprises

If you have previously played bubble pop and unlocked surprises, click View All to the top right of your My Progress widget to open the My Surprises modal. Here, you will see:

  • Your progress bar
  • The Surprise! button (if you have available surprises)
  • Surprises that can be acted on (make sure to watch for when the item expires!):
    • Your unlocked and available surprises: these surprises can be claimed / entered!


      If you unlock a raffle, the raffle will appear as an unlocked and available surprise; however, you cannot gift a won raffle or choose another item

    • Your received surprises: these are the surprises that you received from someone else in Wambi! You will be able to choose something else for these items, but you cannot gift your received surprises to someone else
    • Your out of stock surprises: these are the surprises you unlocked, but then did not claim before the amount available went to zero; you can select something else instead

Available surprises in Wambi

  • Surprises that you have already acted on:
    • Your claimed surprises: these are the prizes you have already claimed / raffles you have entered into; to see when you claimed the item or entered into the raffle, click on the item to see the details
    • Your sent surprises: these are the surprises you have already gifted; to see when you sent the item as well as the note you wrote to the recipient (if applicable), click on the item to see the details
    • Your expired surprises: these are the surprises that expired before you acted on them; each surprise you unlock needs to be acted on before the expiration date listed on it

Surprises that were already acted on in Wambi


The easiest way to tell if a surprise is available is to look for a purple button on the item - if there is a purple button, you can act on it!

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