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Recent Wambis

  Leader Feature

This feature is available to leader users in Wambi.

The Recent Wambis page allows you to see all of the gratitude recently shared with and by your team.


The Recent Wambis page will show Wambis shared in the previous 7 days.

Access Recent Wambis

Access the Recent Wambis page by navigating to your   Management Hub and select  Recent Wambis.

Image and descriptions of the Recent Wambis page


The  Recent Wambis page is not available on mobile.

Group Filters
If you are a leader in a group that has subgroups, a caret  will appear next to the group that appears when you access the Recent Wambis page. To filter the data further, click the caret  and select all of the group(s) or subgroup(s) you would like to view and click Apply. To reset to your group selections, click Reset. Your selections will apply to the Wambis that appear.

Table filter
You can filter the data that appear on the table by selecting any of the filters below, one at a time:

  • Sent by Patient
  • Sent by Team Member
  • Sent to Group
  • Sent to Individual

To remove a filter, click on the filter again and the table will reset.

Column Header Filters
In addition to the table filters, each column can be ordered and filtered with myriad options available to users.

To sort alphabetically or chronologically:

  1. Click on the column header name (or anywhere on the center-left of the column header)
  2. An arrow will appear next to the column header name
  3. Click on the column header name again to reverse the order
  4. Click a third time to remove the filter


You can only order the list one column at a time.

To filter the list:

  1. Hover over the column header
  2. A menu  will appear to the right of the column header
  3. Click on this menu to open the column filter, select the type of filter you want to use, and enter the filter terms
  4. The data will filter to your filter terms
  5. You can add filters to as many columns as you like; to reset your filters, either delete the terms or refresh your browser page

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View Wambi details

Click on any Wambi from the table to view the Wambi details, including:

  • The full Wambi message
  • When the Wambi was sent
  • If the Wambi was published to the newsfeed (this is also visible in the Status column)
  • The full list of recipients (to Wambis sent to more than one person)
  • All reactions and comments added to the Wambi
  • The menu on the Wambi with options to:

You can also add comments or reactions to the Wambi from this Wambi detail page!

To see the full list of recipients for group Wambis, click on the list of names under the Wambi image to access the Wambi Recipients page.

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