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My Challenges


Check out My Challenges from your My Profile to see all of your completed challenges and your progress on active challenges!

View My Challenges

  1. Navigate to your menu and select  View profile
  2. Scroll to the My Challenges widget
  3. You can toggle between your Active and Complete challenges (you will see a maximum of 4 (four) challenges in this view), or click the View All button to see all of your active or completed challenges
  4. To view the challenge details, tap or click on one of the challenges.
  5. The challenge detail screen will appear. You can see:

    1. How many days are left to complete the challenge (if any)
    2. The full challenge description
    3. The steps to take in order to complete the challenge
    4. Any steps that are required

Make sure to complete your challenges to see your progress bar fill up!


If there are no active challenges currently available to you, you will see a message No active challenges on your Active Challenges page.

Image of the Wambi Challenge detail screen

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