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React on newsfeed


Interacting with items on the Wambi newsfeed is easy! You can add unlimited reactions (emojis) to any Wambi or post you see, and you can even see who else reacted. Read on to learn how!

If you're looking to add emojis to the text of your message, head to Add Emoji to Text Fields.

Add reaction

Gif of adding a reaction to Wambi newsfeed item

  1. Navigate to the post or Wambi you wish to add a reaction to
  2. Scroll below the image and the message on the item
  3. Tap or click on the purple  add reaction button
  4. Select the reaction you would like to add from the slide up reaction menu that appears
  5. The reaction menu will disappear and the reaction will be added to the post!


If reactions have already been added to the post and you want to add the same ones, simply tap or click on the reaction that is already added to the post! 

You will see the background color of the reaction change from white to gray, and the number next to the reaction will increase by 1.

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